Corrie’s Apricot Jam

What better way to keep summer’s delicious fruit all year round! Here’s a simple, family recipe.

Quantity Ingredient
4 cups Apricots
3 cups Sugar
 1/4 cup Lemon juice
  1. Dice and pit apricots.
  2. Place fruit in a large pot.
  3. Add sugar and lemon juice, bring to a boil. Boil for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Skim the froth during boiling.
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C’est Bon Chef Exploring Toronto

This gallery contains 10 photos.

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Cest Bon at the African Harvest!

On May 1st, Chef Andrée Riffou co-headlined Farm Radio International’s African Harvest. The event was a celebration of Farm Radio’s 35th anniversary and a fundraiser for the Canadian-based non-profit organization. Guests enjoyed culinary demonstrations and were introduced to a variety of local wine and beer.

How does a French-trained Chef introduce an African flair to a dish, you might wonder?  The idea was to showcase produce typically found on the African continent, but keeping the dishes fresh, seasonal and local. With this perspective in mind and a list of ingredients in hand, Chef Andrée let her inspiration run wild and put an exotic twist on a gazpacho and a fish cakes. Guests were presented with a mango gazpacho and a sweet potato fish cake.  In case you were not able to attend the event, or got a chance to sample it and want to make it at home, here are both recipes.

Mango Gazpacho

Quantity Ingredient
300g Frozen mango, cubed
800ml Coconut water
2 Lime, juice and zest
Salt to taste
Coriander, finely chopped
  1. In a blender,  puree mango, coconut water, Lime juice and zest, salt and coriander until homogeneous.
  2. Refrigerate 12-24 hours
  3. Serve in 3 oz shooter garnished with red peppers, mango, coriander and Aleppo peppers.

Garnish with finely diced pepper, mango, coriander and aleppo pepper

Fish Cakes

Quantity Ingredient
200g Sweet potatoes, cubed
100g Potato, cubed
100g Pacific cod, cubed
1 bunch Chives, finely chopped
1 bunch Parsley, finely chopped
 2 Shallots
2 Lime, juice and zest
Salt and pepper
Deep fried sliced plantain salted for garnish
  1. Boil potatoes in salted water separately.  Drain and set aside
  2. Sauté cubed cod with shallots, season with ajwain, salt and pepper, cook partially.  Set aside
  3. In a mixer, with the leaf, mix warm sweet potatoes, potatoes, fish, parsley, chive, lime juice and zest
  4. Shape with a plating ring or as a fish cake and refrigerate for 1 hour
  5. Reheat in the oven at 325°F for 30 minutes.
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Celebrating Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day may seem like one of the most commercial celebration of the year, with stores, covered in pink and red, remind you that you have to buy something for the person you love of February 14th. Without falling into the commercial trap, there are ways to embrace Valentine’s Day as a day of the year you let your sweet other half, or the significant people in your life, know you care about them. Why not use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to do something out of the ordinary, be extra creative or even start a new tradition with your family.

Food is always a great way to bring people together and to celebrate. Whether it reminds you of a childhood memory or it tastes like home, food can impregnate your memories! This Valentine’s Day, why not gather around your kitchen and create some chocolate truffles.  They are easy to make and delicious to eat!

Makes 4 dozen 

Quantity Ingredient
4 cups (500g) Dark chocolate pieces
2 cups (500ml) 35% cream

In a pot, bring cream to a boil and pour it all at once over the chocolate.

  1. Mix gently from the centre out. Stir in one direction turning the bowl in the opposite direction.
  2. Mix in your favourite flavouring.
  3. Set mixture aside and allow to crystallize.
  4. Shape into small balls.
  5. Dip in your favourite coating
  6. Keep refrigerated until serving time.



Vanilla, orange liquor, almond liquor, your favorite tea.


Cocoa, coconut or almond powder.

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Gold Medal Chefs – Marysol Foucault

Every year, raising money for Canadian Olympic athletes, Canadian Chefs go through a kind of Olympic competition of their own: Gold Medal Plates. Chefs from all over the country compete in one of eleven qualifying rounds. At these rounds, each chef is responsible for a regionally influenced appetizer and a wine or beverage pairing. Each dish is then judged on visual presentation, texture, taste, wine compatibility, originality and wow factor by a panel of judges.

This year’s Ottawa winner was Chef Marysol Foucault – the dynamo behind Chez Edgar – an amazing little 11 seat eatery on the Gatineau side. She is now off to Kelowna BC to compete against all the other regional winners.

But not the whole story! Leaving your business, and flying with a team out west for multiple days is expensive! So is purchasing all the ingredients to test run your dish again and again. Luckily, in a city like Ottawa – there is always help to be found for a good cause.

Three ways to help Marysol on her journey to bring culinary gold back to Ottawa (last year Chef Jamie Stunt, then of Oz Kafe, won silver and the year prior Chef Marc Lepine of Atelier won gold).

1. You can stop by Chez Edgar and buy a calendar of the staff! For only $10 you get one of 500 cool calendars with all the proceeds going to the trip.

2. Second, you can attend a fundraising event on Feb 2 at the Urban Element. Hosted by last year’s Ottawa champ Jamie Stunt – this will be a night of fun, food and drinks. Click here for tickets.

3. Finally, while Marysol is in B.C. competing, you can still dine at Edgar! Chef Stunt will be dropping in to make a special poached egg dish, but regular brunch items will be available too!

Best of luck Marysol! You will do Ottawa proud!

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Oh, it’s Friday, so it must be fish… a parmentier!

I grew up eating fish on Friday and it stayed with me.  So today I am making a parmentier, basically, your meat and potato or fish and potato dish.  Have a look at our previous Salmon post for the recipe and change it up a little, use different fish, different vegetable, stack it and enjoy!


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New Years Resolutions? C’est Bon Has You Covered!

New Years is a wonderful holiday! Time for reflection and counting of blessings, but also a time to look forward and see what improvements we want to make and goals we want to set for the coming year.

If any of your resolutions have to do with cooking or getting to know your city better, C’est Bon Cooking can help!


If your resolution is to gain a little confidence in the kitchen, why not sign up for our January Knife Skills class?? Learn to chiffonade, dice, julienne, mince and brunoise with the best of them! Click here for more information on the class.

Or if you are looking for something more in depth – how about our six week Food Fundamentals series?? 6 classes that will dramatically improve your kitchen competence. Each week you make a minimum of 3 dishes and learn many basic cooking techniques to build on. Our January session is full, but we are taking reservations for March! Click here to learn more about what is offered each week!

Finally, if your New Year’s Resolution involves learning more about the city you live in – we have you covered in a tasty way! Explore Chinatown, the Glebe, the ByWard Market, Preston street or many other Ottawa neighbourhoods that are cooking up some amazing goodies! Our food tours introduce you to the area while talking about the great foods that make up our city. Click here for an up to date list of tours being offered!

No matter your resolutions, we wish you and yours a safe and fabulously tasty 2014! All the best in the coming year!

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Christmas Countdown

Here is the last bit of Chef Andrée’s Christmas Countdown! If you are looking for #2 and #1 – check out our facebook page tomorrow (just click here and like).

And don’t forget a very happy, merry Christmas and New Year from all of us at C’est Bon Cooking!

#9 – 9 days to #Christmas :  Prepare Salmon “Gravlax/Tartare” and Potatoes in a Jar.  Your guests will love it!

#8 – Drink your favourite warm beverage from a foodie festive mug!


#7 – 7 days until Christmas! When you are writing out your Christmas cards, why not add a little recipe inside as well! Best wish for a yummy holiday season!

#6 – 6 days to #Christmas, time to prepare your Dukka, a nut mix for your parties, almonds or hazelnuts or pistachios or your choice of nuts and cumin, fennel and salt!


#5 – String some popcorn to decorate your Christmas tree!

#4 – 4 days before Christmas, read all of Paula Roy’s Constantly Cooking Party Favours!

#3 – 3 days before #Christmas, preparing the foie gras terrine with ice wine or ice cider for the Christmas Eve réveillon.


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Christmas Countdown #14-10!

Here are some more Christmas countdown items from Chef Andrée to get you in the festive food mood!

#14 – 14 days before #Christmas having an eggnog beside the Christmas tree…


#13 – 13 days to #Christmas :Christmas Log is being reinvented.  How doo you make yours?


#12 – 12 days before #Christmas : Listen to the Stuart McLean’s  VinylCafe  12 days of Christmas!  A must!

#11 – 11 days before #Christmas Cookie baking at home, round 4:  sucre a la crème, fudge, almond squares…


#10 – 10 days until #Christmas – Gift Certificates! You can always get a last minute food tour or cooking gift certificate for that perfect holiday gift in a flash for the foodie in your life. Click here for more info.

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Christmas Countdown #19-15

Can you believe how quickly time is flying??!?! Here are the latest items on Chef Andree’s list Counting Down Christmas!

#19 – 19 days before #Christmas:  It’s time for Orange Marmalade, especially when you have 2 cases of oranges and 1 case of grapefruit to use.  What would you do with your oranges?

#18 / 17 – Local goodies make excellent stocking stuffers!! How about some Seed to Sausage cured meats??


#16 – #Christmas countdown continues! Today is 16 days until Christmas – have you ever had hot chocolate at Stubbe Chocolates?? To die for!

Stubbe hot chocolate

#15 – 15 days to #Christmas cooking a Koulibiac is a great meal in one solution, also great with salmon! What fish do you serve?


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