Andrée Riffou’s greatest joy is sharing the food experience with others. Tasting. Touching. Smelling. In class, on a tour or in a team-building session, she delights in her clients’ gastronomical discoveries.

Her passion is infectious, her credentials impeccable. Chef Andrée studied cuisine and pastry with Le Cordon Bleu in Ottawa and Paris, attaining the school’s highest qualification: Le Grand Diplôme de cuisine et de pâtisserie. She launched C’est Bon Cooking in 2008 before going on to complete apprenticeships in France and Canada.

Energetic and easy-going, chef Andrée is a staunch advocate for simplicity and homegrown cuisine. She believes in eating locally, sustainably and seasonally—and getting to know the people who grow and sell foods.

Featured regularly on local television and radio, chef Andrée believes cooking and eating are activities to be shared and enjoyed together with family and friends. Her goal is to deliver a fun and rewarding learning experience that engages all the senses in a celebration of the precious gift of food.


C’est Bon’s in-house kitchen is designed to ensure a peak cooking experience for groups of up to eight people. Bright and inviting, this fully equipped, state-of-the-art facility is one you’ll want to visit again and again. Our tours and classes allow us to work in other great Ottawa kitchens, such as Grounded Kitchen & Coffeehouse, La Bottega Nicastro and Divino Wine Studio.


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