Crack A Few Eggs

So many different recipes call for eggs. So here are a couple of tips for making egg-cracking easy!

1. Crack eggs on the counter top, rather than on the side of the bowl or pot. This will stop the edge of the container from pushing egg shell into the white and yolk.

2. Put a wet towel on the counter to crack your egg on. This way if any whites spill out, it is easy to clean up!


3. Crack eggs one at a time into a smaller bowl before adding them to the rest of your mixture. It will make removing egg shells that might fall in easier, and allow you to examine your eggs for anything that shouldn’t be there. If you find one that isn’t good, then it doesn’t ruin all the other ingredients you are adding it to.

4. If some egg shell does make it into your bowl, use the large piece of shell to remove it rather than a spoon or your hand. The larger shell will actually attract the smaller piece making it a bit easier.

C’est bon!

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