Cleaning Leeks

Leeks are such an amazing vegetable! They are related to garlic and onions but have a much subtler and sweeter flavor. They partner brilliantly with potato, cheese, eggs and work in a variety of dishes. But cleaning them can sometimes be frustrating as little bits of sand like to hide in every layer.


Here is a simple trick from Chef Andrée. Simply trim the green ends from your leek and make a slit half way up the leek, essentially cutting it in half, half of the way. Place the leek in a tall container of water and allow it to sit for at least an hour.

This lets the sand fall to the bottom of the container – leaving you with clean leeks!


Make sure you still give them a look over, depending on how dirty your leek was and how long you have left it to sit there may still be need for some rinsing, but your work will be much less.

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